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John is a member of the National Speakers Association along with many local and national financial associations.

One of the many highlights of John's professional speaking career was his Main Platform speech at the Million Dollar Round Table's (MDRT) Annual Conference to more than 12,000! He as spoken to hundreds of thousands of professionals all over the globe. He can help you achieve excellence at your next meeting by combining the motivational with the practical. This gives the meeting the best of both worlds...a feel good and inspiring message along with actual proven methods to increase financial services sales and performance.

One Turn Away
  • The easiest way to attract business (how to keep people from running from you!)
  • Finding the money and working with more affluent prospects.
  • John helps you UNLOCK your OWN success combination
  • "It takes YEARS to become an overnight success"
  • "The Tenacious are never defeated, they are only ONE TURN AWAY from discovering their success"

Whole Life Commitment

  • Identify and Attract the Wealthy Clients
  • How to lose them before you get them
  • Line up against a common enemy
  • How to make advisors your advocate as opposed to your enemy
  • The easiest way to attract business (how to keep people from running from you!)

After hearing John speak for a 45 minute keynote YOU will be ready to take action.


Roth to Riches

  • Learn how converting your IRA can result in 80% more money
  • Know the how, when, why, and how much of Roth Conversions
  • Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to maximize your IRA

Gospel of Roth

  • Based on the bestselling book, this workshop walks you through the INS and OUTS of Roth IRAs
  • Top 10 Myths of Roth IRAs - What you Don’t Know About Roth IRAs and How You Can Make a Ton of Money!
  • Roth IRA can become a magnet for gathering assets under management.
  • With the market down there is even opportunity for folks to convert to a Roth now at a low point in their accounts and wait and see what happens.
  • Discover why brokerages houses and banks hate Roth conversions...
  • Learn the 4 most important dates to know about Roth conversions (and only 4 dates you need to know) over the next two years...
  • Why Roth conversion calculators are worthless...
  • The future estate tax and how to avoid it.... The old /new estate tax that is coming back in 2011!

After hearing John speak for a 2 hour training session YOU will be ready to take action.

"John showed me how to save over $200,000 in income taxes in less that one hour. He is the best."
Larry Johnson
Retired Vice President Prudential Financial

"John Bledsoe's Roth Conversion Option is a game changer for IRAs."
Natalie B. Choate, Esq.
Attorney, Author and renowned IRA expert

"Bledsoe makes the complex seem simple. I call him the professor's professor!"
Joseph Shade
Professor of Law

Email John at john@johnbledsoe.com or call him at 800-878-7844
and he will guide you to making the next topic choice for your group.