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Roth and Estate Planning Services

Roth IRA

Many people have asked me where to turn for fast, accurate, unbiased and specific advice on their IRA and retirement plan situation during this very critical time. Since I was unable to find any such facility, I decided to create a new and unique service for a low fixed price. For only $395 John Bledsoe Associates will guide you through the process of what you should do right now in 2011 to be able to position yourself to take full advantage of the new tax law now and in the future. You should act immediately to get the maximum benefit. Making the right decision right now is critical and many have not yet done the correct steps that could potentially give them up to 40% more in spendable after-tax money. Time is indeed of the essence.

The common questions include...
  • Should I convert to a Roth IRA?
  • When should I convert?
  • How should I convert?
  • How much should I convert?
  • How many new Roth accounts should I use?
  • How do I make the conversion?
  • What are the checkpoints along the way?
Roth IRA Conversion Consulting Service includes...
  • Customized report on what specific action steps to take now and in the future.
  • Roth IRA conversion questions answered along the way quickly via email.
  • Review of your actual IRA investment situation and asset class selection division for best conversion opportunity.
  • Instructions on account and beneficiary form(s) for the new Roth accounts at your current investment company or bank.
  • Monthly subscription to the newsletter BledsoeSaysSo.
  • Email reminders of your specific deadlines, decision points and other tax deadlines.
  • Timeline chart that you can add to your calendar.
  • Signed copy of the best selling book The Gospel of Roth.

Get the best IRA tax strategy that money can buy today for only $395. If you have not converted all of your available retirement plans and regular IRAs yet you are making a big mistake. The free Roth Conversion Option, could result in 40 percent more in spendable after-tax money for you and you do not "go firm" on the Roth conversion made in 2010 until October 17th 2011. With my method you hold all of the options with no downside. Learn the best specific strategy for your situation.

We will communicate directly with your CPA or investment advisor and answer their questions as well on your situation for a small additional fee of $100.

No investments are ever recommended, sold or managed by John Bledsoe Associates. No conflict of interest.

Estate Planning

John has served thousands of people over the years with the management of their estates. He has saved 100 million dollars in estate taxes in one year’s times for his clients. He serves as a consultant to several of the largest securities and insurance companies in the nation. He is a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Estate Planner. John’s vast knowledge will enable your estate planning to be the most profitable for YOU.

John Bledsoe Associates has assembled a team of attorneys, CPAs and IRA experts to support you.

If you don't like sharing, you'll love the Roth IRA, since you won't have to share any of it with Uncle Sam. John Bledsoe knows Roth IRAs and if you follow his advice in this great Roth IRA book, you'll be able to retire wealthy and tax-free!
-Ed Slott
CPA, IRA Expert, author and host of www.irahelp.com

"Roth to Riches was great but the Gospel of Roth is even better! John has the gift of looking at things in a different light."
Robert Keebler
CPA, Author, Lecturer and nationally recognized IRA authority

Call John at 800-878-7844 or email him at john@johnbledsoe.com and set up an initial consultation to determine your Estate Planning needs.